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Transport to Spain and Portugal and Customs

Basically, transport within Europe is completely free. The preparation of a CMR consignment note is sufficient. After all, we know the free movement of goods and people within the European Union. In some cases, a Customs document is nevertheless included with a shipment. For example, if the shipment goes to one of the Canary Islands. (The shipment is transported over non-European territory and therefore actually leaves the European Union) But also if your transport is going to leave the European Union in a different way.

Customs transport - T1 or T2 document

If you are going to transport goods with the status "Non Union goods", the shipment is often accompanied with a T1 or T2 document. Fortunately, our sister company TTS Customs knows all about the preparation of these kinds of customs documents. They are happy to help you!

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Spain and Portugal, our specialty

Daily on the road with many trucks. Our network, specialism and the accumulated expertise ensure that your transport runs smoothly. With or without a Customs document.

Customs and transport

We dare say that we know a thing or two about transport and customs. Check the questions and answers below and find the answer.

What documents are needed for a transport to Spain or Portugal?

International goods transport within the European Union may be transported without the supervision of customs documents. Legislation (This is determined in Europe) states that international freight transport must always be transported with a CMR consignment note. The sender must draw up this document, but the drivers we use also know all about it!

Do I have to file a Customs declaration for a shipment to Spain or Portugal?

No, goods can be transported freely within the European Union. A customs declaration is necessary if it concerns goods with the status "Non Union goods".

Want to know more about transport with customs documents?

Please contact one of our transport specialists. If your customs issue is so complex that it cannot be resolved, we have the customs specialists from TTS Customs under the same roof. And they may know more about customs than Customs themselves.

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