Private transport or moving to Spain & Portugal

Private transport or moving to Spain & Portugal

Do you want to transport items to Spain or Portugal as a private individual? We are happy to tell you more about it.

Private transport Spain & Portugal

It regularly happens that as a private person you want to have goods transported abroad. Spain and Portugal are no exception and are especially popular holiday destinations for private individuals. As a result, it may happen that you want to transport holiday goods to or from Spain & Portugal. It is also possible that you are moving to one of these two countries. It is advisable to call in a specialist for these types of shipments. Because BTA International specializes in business transport, we would like to refer you to a specialist for private individuals, namely Brenger!

This party is specialized in taking care of private shipments and can easily help you further. On the website of Brenger you can calculate the transport costs for your shipment to Portugal or Spain!

BTA for a private transport

Since 1993, BTA International has been the specialist for transport from and to Spain & Portugal. However, we have specialized in this on the business market. A private transport differs from a business shipment in many respects. There are often no options for loading and unloading the goods at private loading and unloading locations. Think of a forklift, but also the accessibility of the locations. For example, our international trailers cannot reach a residential area or right in the center of a place. For this reason it is not possible for BTA International to arrange a private shipment.

So if you want to transport goods to Spain or Portugal as a private person, we would like to refer you to Brenger. This party is specialized in this type of transport where you can also calculate the transport costs on the website of Brenger.

Transport specialist since 1993

Since 1993, BTA has specialized in transport to Spain and Portugal. For private shipments, we would like to refer you to Brenger.

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