Private transport or moving to Spain & Portugal

Private transport or moving to Spain & Portugal

Do you want to transport items to Spain or Portugal as a private person? That is possible!

We are not a moving company, but we have extensive experience in transporting items for private clients. We are much cheaper than the traditional moving companies to Portugal and Spain. How is that possible? Because we do it differently. We do not load the shipments and do not unload them from the truck. We also do not provide blankets and boxes, because you will do all of that yourself. This makes us much cheaper than an international moving company.


This way of working demands a lot from you as a customer. You have to ensure that the truck is loaded and unloaded yourself. We ensure that there is a truck at the agreed time and drive the goods to Spain or Portugal. That's it, the rest is up to you. And that saves you a lot of money.

The conditions for moving to Portugal or Spain

The conditions for moving to Portugal or Spain

Because of our way of working, we have to apply a few strict conditions. For you as a customer, that is the guarantee of a problem-free move.

Conditions for private transport:

- The (personal) goods must be packed right for a save transport.

- The loading and unloading area must be accessible with a large truck.

- The trailer can stop at the loading and unloading address without (partially) blocking the public road.

- When loading and unloading, you have to take care of people who load or unload the truck. The driver will not help. He will ensure that the goods are properly secured in the trailer. However, this remains your own responsibility.

- The transport takes place at your own risk.

- The transport costs are paid in advance.

Our international trailers do not have a hydraulic tail lift. If it is not possible to reach the loading or unloading location with a large international truck, there are also possibilities to send a smaller truck with a hydraulic tailgate, at an additional cost. Ask our specialists for the possibilities.

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8. Can we arrange a fixed loading and unloading day?Meer informatie
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10. Can someone call us before the trailer arrives to load or unload?Meer informatie
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Immediately a quote with a competitive price

And receive our free checklist

After requesting your quote you will receive a quote from us within 1 hour. We always have a solution for private transports if your transport meets the conditions.

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Private transport since 1993

We have been providing private transports to Spain and Portugal for years. If your transport meets our checklist, it always guarantees a trouble-free transport.

Cheaper than a moving company

Due to our special way of working, your move to Spain or Portugal is much cheaper than using an international moving company. Check our FAQ for more information.

Choose the price and speed yourself
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Your own online environment

Carefree from A to B.

As a private individual you also get your own portal from us. Here you can see your transport and find all relevant documents.

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