Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping is an increasingly popular and cost efficient alternative for your shipment to Portugal or Spain. It offers a particularly good alternative for road transport. BTA International works with several shipping companies offering weekly services to and from South Europe.

The advantages of Short Sea Shipping

The advantages of Short Sea Shipping include reliable and regular departures, excellent capacity and flexibility and a more sustainable form of transport. Furthermore, transport by sea can often be cheaper than by road. However, you will need to take into account a longer lead time.

For all your shipments the right container

BTA International can offer you a whole range of container types, specifically for your situation. From normal 20 ft. containers to 45 ft. Palletwide and High Cube. We can also offer refrigerated containers.

Short – Sea: an idea for you? 

Let us calculate the savings we can achieve for you by using Short Sea shipping. If you outsource all your goods flow to or from Spain and/or Portugal to BTA International, together we can decide on the best option for you. A combination of sea and road transport might be the right solution for your situation.

Specialists in transport Spain & Portugal

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