Removals or private transport Portugal and Spain

Are you a private client wanting to ship goods to Portugal or Spain? We can help!

We are not a removals company, but we have extensive experience in transport for private clients. If the goods are properly packed for transport and if a large international trailer can access both the loading and unloading address, we can arrange transport to Spain or Portugal.

When arranging transport for private clients, however, we must apply strict conditions.  If these can be fulfilled, we can virtually guarantee the problem-free transport of your personal goods.


– The (personal) goods must be properly packed for transport.
– The loading and unloading place must be accessible for a large international trailer (length approx. 18 metres).
– The trailer can stop at the loading and unloading address without (partially) blocking the public highway.
– You must provide people to load and unload the truck. The driver will not help, although he will ensure that the goods are securely tied down in the trailer. However, this remains your own responsibility.
– The transport takes place at your own risk.
– The transport costs are paid in advance.

Our international trailers do not have a hydraulic tailgate. If the loading or unloading location cannot be accessed by a large international truck, we can use a smaller truck with a hydraulic tailgate for an additional charge. Ask the planning department about the options.

F.A.Q. – Removals

No, BTA International BV is not a removals company. We are an independent international shipping company, but we regularly transport household or personal goods for private clients.
Because we aren’t a removals company, you must load and unload the truck yourself. Remember that the international trailer used to transport your shipment does not have a hydraulic tailgate. The height of a truck in which the goods must be loaded is therefore 1 to 1.2 metres.
When issuing a quote, we will normally tell you how long you have to load and unload the trailer. This partly depends on how much you wish to transport. If you need more time to load or unload, this can obviously be arranged. We charge € 45 (excl. VAT) for an (extra) waiting hour.
The best thing is to avoid transporting loose items. Try to pack as much as possible in portable boxes. Furniture and/or white goods can best be packed in bubble wrap or cardboard and shrink foil to avoid scratches.
You must ensure that your goods are securely tied down in the trailer. The driver can help you, but it remains your responsibility. The driver will have some straps, but we would advise you to buy some straps to tie down the goods. These will naturally remain your property after transport.
We advise a maximum height of 2 metres. We can naturally accommodate higher goods but the higher they are, the more difficult it is to secure them.
No, in principle we do not tranship your goods. However, situations may arise in which this is unavoidable. We will always act in consultation with you.
Yes. In consultation, anything is possible. Even loading and unloading on a Saturday or Sunday is possible. However, a weekend surcharge will apply.
That depends on the situation and how much you wish to transport. Anything is possible, but the more flexibility we have, the better we can plan your shipment. Ultimately this saves you transport costs.
We can arrange to call you 1 or 2 hours beforehand, for example. Or you can contact one of our with planners for a status report.
Just fill in the online quote form and we will mail you a quote or contact you if we need more information. You can also give us a call.
Transport costs are related on the amount of space occupied in the trailer. They are therefore calculated on the basis of loading metres, not cubage. However, cubage can be a guideline for the number of metres you require.
A loading metre is a transport term which indicates how much space you use in the trailer. 1 loading metre is equivalent to the following dimensions: 100x240x220 cm (Length x Width x Height). A large international trailer usually has 13.6 loading metres.
No, we give you an All-In price. This includes fuel surcharge, tolls and all other costs. Remember that our prices exclude VAT. You should therefore add 21% VAT. If “waiting hours” arise because you need more time to load or unload, we will have to charge you for the time. We charge € 45 (excl. VAT) per (extra) waiting hour.
You pay the freight costs when booking your shipment. We will send you an pro-forma invoice, which you can pay by bank transfer. After delivering the goods you will receive a final invoice.
No, your goods are not insured during the transport. This is totally at your own risk. We strongly advise you to insure the goods yourself.


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