Heavy or special transport Portugal & Spain

Do you have an exceptional load to or from Portugal or Spain? BTA International has the transport solution. We always offer you the right transport for your specific consignment. Long transport, wide transport, but also for high transport, heavy transport or machine transport, we are the right address. As a shipping agent with an extensive network, we are not dependent on our own available trailers. We won’t disappoint you.

Heavy transport to Portugal and Spain

Flexibility guaranteed for heavy transport to Spain and Portugal

Having worked intensively with various agents over the years, we can guarantee that your special consignment is transported fast and efficiently. Obviously, this is not just about transport from A to B. We manage the entire trajectory, including the necessary permits and any escort required.

24/7 – 365 days a year

Particularly in countries like Portugal and Spain, knowledge and experience in exceptional transport is essential to ensure a problem-free trajectory. Our team is ready to accept any transport challenge. And of course we are available 24/7. Just ask your quotation online, and receive a customized offer within hours.

Specialists in transport Spain & Portugal

Experience our working method yourself. Ask free of any obligation a quote through our online-quotation-form. Our transport specialist will send you a customised reply within hours. Does this take to long? Call us and we will give you a quotation immediately.